There are many interesting experiences with online dating; you can either win true love and find your soulmate or you may have heartbreaking experiences.

There are people who have fairy tale endings while some have a frustrating ending, thus much like any other methods of dating, if you meet someone online it will always have its own benefits and its drawbacks.

Dating Agency Hong KongSo, how can someone have a successful online dating experience? As it turns out, there is a simple analysis about the advantages and disadvantages of online dating which can help you out get a good deal, and lucky for you there is actually psychological research that happens to have an analysis about the pros and cons of online dating.

In 2012, there were experts that put up together a deep and comprehensive review of the literature which investigates the different aspects of online dating where their goal was to make a review and evaluate whether or not online dating could fundamentally different from the actual dating, was it superior over the latter? And the results of their assessment indicated that through online dating, there was indeed a difference from the traditional way of dating in many ways. It also has features and problems that come with it.

The experts that conducted the review found out that online dating has a difference in three main areas, and to check it out, read the rest of this post below courtesy of Dating Agency Hong Kong.

  1. Access

Advantages- Online dating has provided many individuals the access to a lot of potential partners than they could find with their regular life. This is very true for people who are interested in partners who have much in common like lifestyle, beliefs, the outlook in life, and orientation.

Disadvantages- The choices, however, can become overwhelming and confusing at the same time. Without a clear plan, people who use online dating platform always end up selecting and shopping for the perfect partner rather than choosing a satisfying relationship.

  1. Matching

Advantages- A lot of online dating sites and applications offer people different types of personality testing and matching to determine and filter people that are featured on their profile where they can choose from. This helps their matching guide them towards individuals who are much more compatible with them.

Disadvantages- It is already given that matching is a difficult process and testing can be inaccurate for a lot of people. To add more, people can present differently to their matches or they can even change over time, so, matching can overlook the partners that are potentially good during this kind of process.

  1. Communication

Advantages- Online dating can offer people a lot of ways to get to know each other before they even meet their match in person through computer and phone mediated communication which allows the user to have a safe environment when they interact with their match which is effortless and lesser commitment risks.

Disadvantages- Because of computer-mediated communication, it lacks the information that face-to-face interaction can provide and this results in a more difficult way to evaluate the person that you have matched on the dating site.