Online Poker Tips and Tutorials: Use Tight-Aggressive Strategy

One of the best method to earn more money in playing idn poker apk is to practice using TAG or most commonly known as Tight-Aggressive playing style. TAG is widely known as the most reliable method to earn lots of money by playing poker. With the help of tight-aggressive poker, many poker players have already won thousands and even millions of money.

To be honest, you can simply watch online poker tournament or land-based poker tournament where winners are using this strategy to ace the game.

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How Does TAG Poker Works?

The sound of the playing style may seem hard, but in reality, it’s just a simple method. To give you a brief explanation, the word “tight” stands for your starting hand. Meaning, you are on a tight and selective position in deciding which hands you’re going to play or which hands you’re going to let go (fold). Most of the players who practice tight-aggressive strategy, limit themselves from playing their best hands up to 20% or so.

On the other hand, the word “aggressive” refers to betting. Once you’re confident enough with your current best hand, you can play it aggressively as much as you want. Don’t try to display fancy slow play or let your opponents do the betting. Simply place your best bets and let your weak opponents call the bets.

The basic thing you want to prevent from happening is making a lot of calls during the session. Making a lot of calls and bets is a sign of a weak and losing player. You don’t want that, right? To avoid this kind of poker play, be aggressive and straight to the point, let your opponents be scared of you.

Why Tight-Aggressive Playing Style Really Works?

TAG playing style really works because it follows the basic procedure of winning poker: make a bet when you have the best hand, let go (fold) when you don’t. Pretty obvious, right? You’ll be shocked how simple it is to get engrossed from those basic procedures.

Moreover, this style will help your decision-making become easier and worry-free. Using TAG strategy you’ll be able to take the lead with your bet and you’ll also be able to control your best hand. Doing this can shake other players to play in a more straightforward against your card. With the huge amount of bet, opponents will think twice to go against yours since it’ll become more expensive with them to bluff you or make it more expensive to draw, doing this will keep them flustered the whole playing session.

Usually, people who make a lot of calls and bets having a hard time deciding where to stand their hands. If you make a bet, you don’t have any idea whether your opponents would also place his or her bet because for them it’ll look like you have the best hand with you or probably you don’t. It also gives the other players the chance to control the hands, they can decide how much they need to pay to draw, and they will also decide how much does it cost them to go against your hands.