The sabungayamsv38 is an extension of the famous Indonesian bird fighting game, Sabung Ayam. Since antiquity, Indonesia has been known for being a cockfighting hotspot. Because of its exciting features, the game has been enjoying glowing attention since its inception. In the SV38 edition of this poultry combat, game players can deposit or withdraw their bets.

How is the Sabung Ayam SV38 played?

Duelling between birds is enjoyable for those who take part in this poultry pastime. Just like in traditional cockfighting games, the participants pick their warrior cocks and pit them against one another for a fight. The only difference is that unlike cock-crazy rajas of ancient times that lost their fortunes, houses, and farms, game players of this online game only lose bets in the form of deposited coins. Participants play and watch their warrior roosters fight to the death on a stage, which is a cockpit.

Like other casino games, the game players compete for a prize. And the winner of every round takes the gifts and rewards. The award is garnered from both warring factions who make deposits into an online betting site. The winner of the game withdraws the entire bet as his winnings when his gamecock has won all three fights in quick succession.

If the two birds kill each other before the end of the game, it is known as a Both Death Draw “BDD,” and no winner is declared. If both birds make it to the end of the game, it is referred to as a “Full-Time Draw. And another round of fighting commences.

sabung ayamIn theĀ sabung ayam sv38 version, players are allowed to choose their battlecocks, especially the strong ones and upgrade different features of their birds such as talons, beak, comb, wattles, and feathers, which might be their Achilles heel during a fight with a rival. The cocks can have weaponry for the scuffle ahead. The main aim of this version of the poultry duel is to know which bird is stronger and has more stamina.

Fighting cocks can also be fed before the commencement of any combat.

Types of birds used for Sabung Ayam SV38

The warlike chickens which go at each other in Sabung Ayam SV38 are mainly chickens from different parts of Asia. They include:

  • Chicken Shamo
  • Saigon Chicken
  • Filipino Chicken
  • Chicken Bangkok
  • Burmese
  • Siamese Chicken
  • Chicken Pakhoy